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Ontario’s Top Health Care Staffing Agency

J&E Staffing Inc. is a full-service health care staffing firm that is known as an industry leader in supplying both registered and non-registered health care staff to our partnered health care facilities across Ontario.

We can easily integrate with your existing staff and provide high-quality patient care thanks to our comprehensive roster of health care professionals.

Many hospitals and health care facilities use the same standards and regulations we use in our extensive recruitment and quality control processes.

Choose J&E Staffing Inc. as your specialist in recruitment, selection, and hiring nurses and health care employees if you wish to streamline your operations.

We provide experienced and professional staff at a reasonable cost.

We staff a wide range of Heath Care Professionals

We also offer one to one support for adolescent, and children. We offer support for group homes, school based setting and Forster homes.

health care staffing ontario

Personal Support Workers

Our Personal Support Workers offer care for individuals and their families. Support can be provided in (but is not limited to) homes, health care institutions and long-term care facilities. Assistance with daily living tasks, personal care and hygiene, restorative/activation activities, and home administration activities are among the services provided.

All Personal Support Workers staffed with us are taught to respond to their clients needs within reason. However, our Personal Support Workers will not offer any diagnoses, assessments, or respond to acute or unforeseen events outside of emergency assistance.

health care staffing ontario

Health Care Aides

Our Health Care Aides operate in both the community and in the homes of their clients. They help people with everyday tasks including: household coordination, getting dressed and preparing meals. We place a great deal of importance on support and personal assistance to those who can’t perform certain activities on their own.

health care staffing ontario

Registered Practical Nurses

At J&E Staffing, the roles of our RPNs is crucial in order to deliver the care requirements expected of our clients. Our primary goal is to provide experienced and highly qualified nursing staff to nursing and retirement Homes across Ontario.

health care staffing ontario

Social Service Workers

Social Service Workers respond to the direct needs of individuals, families, groups as well as communities. Social work focuses on improving people’s health and social well-being by collaborating with other professionals, communities, and organizations to provide services, improve conditions, and create opportunities for growth, recovery, and personal development.

health care staffing ontario

Developmental Service Workers

Our Developmental Services Workers are trained to support individuals of all ages who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. Support is generally provided to individuals in their homes, at work, in schools and in some cases, to their families. The overall goal of developmental services worker will be to improve the well-being of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and to better help them function in all aspects of community living and society.

health care staffing ontario

Child and Youth Workers

Child and Youth Worker’s main objective is to enhance the growth and development of children, adolescents, their families and the community. We stress improving children and adolescent’s dysfunctional, self-perpetuating cycles, develop alternative behaviours that might hinder to re-establish growth.

health care staffing ontario

Early Childhood Educators

Our staff of Early Childhood Educators provide high standards of care to children and their families. We observe the needs of individual and groups of children, and create well-planned, stimulating and responsive programs. We also help parents come to understand the needs of their infants, toddlers, pre-school and school-aged children.

health care staffing ontario


We provide high quality caring services for older adults who wish to remain independent and enjoy living a full life in safe surroundings. Our primary goal is to respect the dignity and independence of senior citizens and improve the quality of their life while also help to stave off depression.

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J&E Staffing Inc. is one of Ontario’s top health care service providers. We offer a wide range of health care services, such as: Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Cancer Care, Companionship, Family Caregiver Support, Long and Short Term Care, Palliative Care, Nursing, Personal and Home Support. These services are available in family homes, retirement homes or long-term care communities.